Intership, has taken delivery of its second newbuild from Zamakona Yards Bilbao. “Inter Scotia,” a battery-hybrid well boat, is designed by Salt Ship Design and has a load capacity of 2,500 m3.

“Inter Scotia” shares similarities with its sister vessel, “Inter Atlantic,” both designed with a focus on promoting good fish welfare, fish handling, and biosecurity. The vessel features a substantial battery package that, when in combination with its heat-recovery system and other measures, significantly reduces fuel consumption and climate emissions. The fish-handling system is delivered by MMC First Process and the vessel is equipped with a high-capacity freshwater production system capable of producing 5,000 m3 of freshwater per day.

Since 2016, Intership has taken the lead in developing fresh-water treatment for lice and AGD using a reverse osmosis system. During the past seven years, the company has gained extensive operational experience in fresh-water production and fresh-water treatments. Intership´s fleet of well boats with reverse osmosis systems provides a low-cost, highly efficient and environmentally friendly method for dealing with sealice, AGD and other gill infection challenges faced by salmon farmers.

“Inter Scotia” will commence its operation for a salmon farmer in Scotland. After a few months, the vessel will be temporarily taken out of operation for the installation of the delousing system, FLS Caligus R600. The combination of a freshwater bath and flushing the fish through the FLS system is a very efficient and gentle way to remove sea lice and gill infections in the same operation.

“We are delighted to take delivery of our third vessel equipped with Intership´s industry-leading freshwater production and treatment setup,” says CEO Ole Peter Brandal. “Freshwater treatment is arguably the gentlest method used for treating salmon, and it offers both environmental and economical benefits, in addition to increased efficiency through facilitating a high-capacity freshwater production system. Going forward, we have two more well boats under construction with even higher production capacities” says CEO Ole Peter Brandal.


Established in 2014, Intership has experienced solid growth from the start. The company offers a modern fleet with innovative technology for sustainable fish treatment and transport. After the delivery of the newbuild from Zamakona and two more vessels currently being built by Sefine, the company’s total fleet capacity will be about 26 200 m3 distributed across 11 well boats. The current construction programme will confirm Intership as one of the leading providers of well boat services globally. The fleet operates in Norway, Chile, Scotland and in Canada.