Intership has recently taken delivery of the first of two newbuilds from Zamakona Yards Bilbao. “Inter Atlantic” is designed by NSK Ship Design and has a load capacity of 2,200 m3.

“Inter Atlantic” is designed with focus on promoting good fish welfare, fish handling and biosecurity. The fish handling system is delivered by MMC First Process and the vessel is equipped with a high capacity freshwater production system, capable of producing 5,000 m3 of freshwater per day.

Since 2016, Intership has taken the lead in developing fresh-water treatment for lice and AGD using a reverse osmosis system. During the past six years, the company has gained extensive operational experience in fresh-water production and fresh-water treatments. This experience has been used to actively develop and improve the technology, resulting in an RO system that provides a low-cost, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly method for dealing with the lice and AGD challenges faced by salmon farmers.

“Inter Atlantic” will commence its operation for a salmon farmer in Scotland, before moving to Canada.

“Freshwater treatment is possibly the gentlest method used to treat of salmon, and it is therefore with great pleasure that we take delivery of another newbuild, with our industry leading freshwater production and treatment setup,” says CEO Ole Peter Brandal.