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Sector leading platform

At Intership we truly understand that wellboats are mission critical to salmon farmers, product quality and fish-welfare. That’s why we offer a sector leading platform and highly advanced vessels that provide new solutions and possibilities to our customers.

With an average age of only 7 years, our fleet is one of the world’s most modern and advanced. We are also one of only two companies operating globally, which brings many benefits and enables Intership to deliver capacity to our clients wherever it is needed.

Read more about each of our vessels below.

Inter Austral
Inter Nord
Roy Kristian
Inter Viking
Inter Scotia
Inter Barents
Inter Fiord
Inter Atlantic
Inter Caledonia
Inter TBN 1
Inter TBN II


vessels in our fleet

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Norway - Hareid

Intership AS
Raffelneset 6
N–6060 Hareid
+47 700 92 000


Intership SA
Avda Juan Soler Manfredini Nº41
Oficina 1902, piso 19
Puerto Montt
+56 65 2202335


Intership BC Corp
590 Eleventh Avenue
Campbell River, BC V9W 4G4

Norway (2)

Inter Barents og Inter Nord

Chile (2)

Inter Fiord og Inter Austral

Canada (2)

Inter Viking & Roy Kistian

Scotland (3)

Inter Atlantic - Inter Caledonia - Inter Scotia

Norwegian Flag

TBN (2)

Inter TBN I & Inter TBN II

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