New long-term contract

New long term contract that expands our operations to Iceland.


We have entered into an long-term agreement with Laxar Fiskeldi for the wellboat “Dønnalaks”.

MS Dønnalaks has operated in the area around Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada, since the middle of 2017. This operation will end in April 2020 as the vessel commences its new long-term contract with Laxar Fikseldi. Dønnalaks was built in 2002 by Sletta Verft AS. The vessel is 52 meters long and has a total capacity of 1,000m3, distributed between two wells.

Intership CEO, Ole Peter Brandal comments «We are very excited about the contract with Laxar Fiskeldi and we look forward to working together. We have an international strategy and see promising aquaculture growth in Iceland, so this is a strategically important contract for us. »