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About us and our vision

Intership is one of only few wellboat companies operating globally, with a modern and young fleet.

At Intership our mission is to always deliver the highest quality live-fish handling and transportation. We are able to ensure this through our highly advanced vessels that are equipped with innovations and state of the art systems, providing safe, eco-friendly and sustainable live-fish transport.

At Intership we deliver best-in-class fish welfare, from transport of smolt through to grading, treatment and harvest.

The people – our most valuable resource

Our crew is laser-focused on being a reliable and professional partner for the mission critical stages in the salmon’s life cycle. At our core is the handling of fish in a correct, careful and efficient manner during the most fragile and valuable stages of its lifecycle. 

Intership has built a team of highly competent people with decades of industry-leading experience in maritime industries, and specifically within LFC (Live Fish Carrying). That’s why we say that our people are our most valuable resource. This means we understand what it takes to innovate, build, operate and maintain the quality of service that our clients demand and that the fish deserve.

The technology – eco-friendly innovations

Intership has developed breakthrough technology in freshwater treatment against lice and AGD. Our industry leading Reverse Osmosis systems provides a highly efficient, low cost,environmentally safe and chemical-free freshwater-treatment.

In short, our Reverse Osmosis technology means we are able to deliver efficient and environmentally friendly onboard freshwater treatment of AGD and sea lice. This will also result in lower cost than alternative treatments, with no chemical-based treatments used and greatly reduced risk of salmon mortality.

“With the RO-system in place, we do not use chemicals at all. Mortality is zero and the stress factor is very low. The fish feed directly after treatment, so there are gains from the point of view of economics, fish welfare and the environment”, Ole Peter Brandal, Intership CEO

Quality and environment – Our focus

Intership is certified by DNV in accordance with some of the world’s strictest standards within quality, environment, food safety and social practice, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and GLOBAL G.A.P.

ISO 9001:2015 confirms that our organization holds a high standard in the delivery of product and services up against customers and regulations. At the same time the standard commits us to continuously evaluate and improve our service, for the benefit of all parties.

ISO 14001:2015 assures that Intership continues to improve our performance within environment and sustainability through better utilizing the resources we have available and reduce emissions.

Company policies 

  • Our vision and goals
  • Health, Safety and Quality policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Drug and Alcohol policy
  • Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption policy
  • Social responsibility and Equal opportunities policy
  • Data Security policy


Transparency Act

Reporting in accordance with the Norwegian Transparency Act

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Safety Target


Lost Time Injury

Environment Target


Spill To Environment

Health Target

< 5 %

Sick Leave

Quality Target

< 1,5

Nonconformance per audit

Smolt and fry transportation

In the critical phase, when the salmon are ready for sea-water, we make sure that the smolt are transported and arrive safe and healthy in the net pen.                                                                               

Grading the fish

Our fleet of wellboats are equipped with the latest systems and technology to provide efficient and safe on-site grading of fish, both during growth and in the harvesting phase.

Treatment of lice and diseases

Intership has developed a breakthrough technology in freshwater treatment against lice and AGD. Our Reverse Osmosis system provides a highly efficient, low cost, environmentally safe and chemical-free treatment.

Harvest transportation

We provide closed system live-fish transportation from the farming site to the slaughtering facility. We make sure that factors, such as water chemistry, during loading and unloading are kept at optimal levels so that the fish  are handled with both efficiency and care.

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