Intership AS has made a breaktrough in freshwater treatment against lice and AGD




New deal between Intership AS and Hofseth Aqua AS

Intership AS went in March 2017 into an agreement with Hofseth Aqua AS and its subsidary, Aqua Shipping AS. Aqua Shipping AS contracted a new vessel with VARD Aukra AS, were Intership AS was involved in the design, and will represent the owners in the building of the vessel. Intership will take the vessel to a Bareboat agreement with Aqua Shipping AS, and a Time Charter between Intership Norway AS and Hofseth Aqua AS. All agreement on 5 years from delivery of the vessel. The vessel will be delivered medio 2018

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Stine Thorheim published a letter in Altaposten 01.11.16, where she explains the importance of the fjords and the people in Northern Norway:


Inter Caledonia is formally delivered to Intership AS


The new wellboat Inter Caledonia is on it´s way to Scotland after delivery from Besiktas Shipyard in Istanbul

Inter Caledonia is 69,8 meters long and 17 meters wide, with a net well volume of 2000 cubic meters.

The vessel will upon  arrival enter into a 5 years Time Charter with Marine Harvest Scotland.

Inter Caledonia is equipped for closed transport, and has large capacities on all the central systems that determines fish density and hygiene. Intership AS has invested in quality-components and backup-systems to ensure high level of redundancy and regularity.

In June 2016, the vessel will travel to Måløy, Norway, where Båtbygg AS will install a freshwater production plant, (Reverse Osmoscis) designed and delivered by the Spanish company Peter Taboada. This freshwater production plant with a production capacity of 200 m3/hour, will allow the vessel to perform continuous freshwater treatments against AGD and sealice, without any external supplies of freshwater. Inter Caledonia will be the first wellboat with freshwater production on board.

The naming ceremony for Inter Caledonia will be held in Fort William, Scotland on April 9th.

The vessel is designed by Skipsteknisk AS, in close cooperation with Intership AS, where Kjetil Opshaug, Co-founder and Fleet Manager has played an important part. Inter Caledonia will set a new standard for well-boats when it comes to fish density, gentle handling of the fish, and hygiene. Kjetil Opshaug expects that the vessel will be an effective tool in the battle  against lice and AGD, when the freshwater production plant is installed.

Inter Caledonia is Intership AS´s first new build vessel. Intership AS was established in 2013 and operates in addition  to Inter Caledonia, M/V Christine on a time charter with Grieg Seafood AS in Finnmark, Norway , and M/V Roy Kristian with Marine Harvest Canada.


New wellboat will produce freshwater from seawater

Intership AS is launching efficient and environmentally sound treatment for AGD and sea lice.

The Norwegian based wellboat company Intership AS, plan to install their own design for treatment of AGD and sea lice on board their new wellboat M/V Inter Caledonia.

Developing Industry leading technologies

The M/V Inter Caledonia is the first of its kind and will be equipped with a Reverse Osmosis plant capable of producing vast quantities of freshwater for onboard treatments of fish. Our system is patent pending and is a highly efficient and environmental friendly tool to treat fish for AGD and Sealice.